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Hello! We are Rachel, Bakari, and our son Seku. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!

Adoption isn’t just part of our future, it’s actually what brought us together as a couple in the first place. We met through a mutual friend who set us up on a blind date. He thought we would click because we had both expressed to him how we had wanted to grow a family through adoption. Sharing this desire with each other at the beginning of our relationship was one of the things that made us fall in love so easily. We were together for just over two years before getting married in August 2016.

Our love for each other stems from our shared values and the respect we have for each other's passions. Rachel is lawyer at a non-profit organization and Bakari owns an independently certified green business. We are both vegetarians, own an electric car and have solar panels on our home. We live a conscious and mindful lifestyle and do all we can to give back to the world around us!

In April 2018 we welcomed our son Seku into our family. Now we hope to complete our family and adopt a beautiful baby girl. We are excited to be on the adoption journey that we’ve dreamed about for so many years. We’ve both always wanted to be parents and cannot wait to share our unconditional love with another child.


Rachel has always been a loving and nurturing caretaker, even before she became a mother. This is apparent in her professional career - she founded her non-profit law-firm to help disadvantaged immigrants apply for political asylum - and in her every interaction with me, our son, with her many friends and close family, and even with her pets; she brought the dog with her on our very first date!

Rachel considers everything, figures out what makes sense, and keeps the good ideas. Her feeling on adoption – not as a last resort, but as a deliberate conscious choice - is a perfect example of her independent, open mind. This is what attracted me to her the most, and what made me fall for her.

Rachel favorite thing to do is to spend time with friends and family, including the many kids who will be our children's cousins and friends. All the kids love her too, because she listens to them and plays with them on their own level. She is very responsible when it counts, but can also be fun and silly – sometimes she is a downright goofball! She enjoys taking care of people, is always ready to listen to someone’s troubles and shows her love through her delicious home-cooked food! She makes me breakfast even if I don't ask, just because she enjoys providing for her family. Of course the moment our son was born, she turned this attention to motherhood and she has proven to be exactly the loving and attentive mother I would have expected. This has strengthened my desire to also adopt a child with her, and watch her boundless love wash over yet another lucky person.


I fell in love with Bakari because of his integrity and curiosity about the world. He can solve complicated math equations, explain the mysteries of the universe, fix or build pretty much anything, and get a kid from temper tantrum to uncontrollable giggles in under 20 seconds, all while having the most dazzling smile I’ve ever seen. A smile that makes the sun come on a gloomy day and lights up whatever room he is in.

One thing that I’ve always admired about Bakari is how he sees the best in others. He doesn’t judge but instead tries to improve. He doesn’t waste time on the negative, on the should-haves, could-haves, would-haves and the almosts. His positivity permeates everything around him, and his laughter and smile are infectious!

From the moment I met Bakari I knew he would be a wonderful father. His way with children is legendary among our family and friends. He knows when to be silly and when to be firm; when to be nurturing and when to set limits. The love and care he has for our son makes me excited to welcome another child into our family so they can experience all the love Bakari has to give as a father.


Our family is extremely excited about us becoming adoptive parents. Bakari’s step-brother is adopted and Bakari’s mother worked for many years with foster children. Through their experiences, we have an understanding of the commitment one makes when adopting a child. We started the adoption process before we became pregnant with our son because we knew we wanted to adopt no matter what. We both have younger siblings and want our children to know the experience of having a loving sibling and ready made friend.

We both grew up close with our large extended families. Our parents only live 15 minutes away from us and we see aunts, uncles, and cousins at least once a month for family get-togethers, camping trips, and BBQs.

We also have two furry family members – a fluffy cat named Franklin and a sweet and loyal dog named Didi. They are both rescues – Rachel found Franklin on the street when he was less than a month old and she adopted Didi around six years ago from an animal shelter. Didi loves children and one of her favorite things to do is go to work with Rachel and play with the children of her clients. Franklin is like a real life Garfield; his favorite food is lasagna and he loves to mess with Didi!


We own our own home, and three other homes that are located on our property. This means our tenants are also our neighbors! We really like this arrangement because we have become friends with our tenants and have formed a tight-knit community. Our tenants all have young children and we like to spend time together in our outdoor space.

We live across the bay from San Francisco, a few miles away from Bakari’s childhood home and two towns over from where Rachel grew up. The city we live in has 6000 acres of parks and 32 miles of shoreline. Our community is not only diverse but also well integrated. We have people of all colors living on our block.

On Friday mornings we like to walk to the Farmer’s Market in front of our local library to get fresh vegetables and fruit. We also enjoy taking Didi to our local park almost every day to play fetch. We are a short train ride away from San Francisco and its aquarium and art and science museums. We can’t wait to introduce our wonderful community to our children!


As a couple, we like to take advantage of our close proximity to beautiful parks and recreation areas. You can often find us hiking through nature area near our house with the dog and our son Seku. We also enjoy doing picnics in the park and playing fetch with Didi the dog. We already have a second baby carrier to bring the new baby along on our hikes and nature adventures.

We also enjoy spending time with family. Rachel’s family owns a cabin north of the Bay Area in the redwoods, which we visit quite often. We enjoy regular board game nights and camping trips during the summer. We grew up celebrating both Jewish and Christian Holidays, as both of our mothers are Jewish. This means the children will enjoy two holidays in the month of December - both Hanukkah and Christmas!

Our Favorite Things to do:

  • Rachel loves to cook! She often uses vegetables from our home garden.

  • She also loves playing sports. She can’t wait to coach a children’s team!

  • Bakari loves being active. He was even invited to try out on the TV show, 'American Ninja Warrior' 2 years ago!

  • He is a also a life long bicyclist and a volunteer bicycle mechanic

  • We both love volunteering around the community!


Thank you for choosing adoption and considering us as adoptive parents for this child. We know this is a significant decision you are making and we won’t pretend to know what’s it’s like. We are here to support you and facilitate whatever level of openness you want in your relationship with your child, whether it be regular communication, occasional visits or a closed adoption. An adopted child is a twice loved child and that's how we plan to explain and celebrate this child's story!

We began the adoption process before we became pregnant and have stuck with it even though it's taken longer and been more involved than we thought it would be because of how important it is to us to adopt a child. Having our son has only reaffirmed and strengthened our desire and commitment to complete our family in a way that will also be a blessing to a family needing the support of an adoptive forever home.

Please know that our number one goal is to raise happy children, who know that they are loved unconditionally. We hope to raise them to be ethical, open-minded and secure with themselves. We promise to be attentive and present parents who put the needs of the children first through play, learning, and exploration. We are also very excited to celebrate a child’s ethnic and cultural heritage and add new traditions to our already mixed backgrounds.

Our hearts are with you as you go through this journey. We hope to meet you someday soon, and are sending good thoughts and love as you make your decision!